Wipfel 10 | Ode to Pro Silva (2023)


A poem by Edward Wilson

In the forest’s quiet embrace, behold,
A method born of wisdom, yet untold.
A tapestry of life, harmonious and free,
Pro Silva, nature’s ally, it shall be.

Where once the axes swung with reckless might,
A gentler touch now guides the dappled light.
For Pro Silva, a philosophy profound,
Celebrates the forest’s cycles, unbound.

With measured steps upon the forest floor,
The steward walks, a custodian at its core.
Observing with care, a keen eye attuned,
To nature’s secrets, silently commune.

In Pro Silva’s realm, no clearcuts scar the land,
No brutal wounds inflicted by human hand.
Instead, a dance of selective grace takes hold,
A mindful tango, where young and old unfold.

Each tree, a story, whispers through the breeze,
A symphony of growth, steadfast in its appease.
As elders stand tall, their branches reaching high,
The sunlight weaves a crown upon the sky.

The canopy, a shelter, shelters life below,
From fragile flora to the creatures that bestow,
Their presence in this sanctuary so serene,
Where Pro Silva’s touch paints nature’s vibrant scene.

For Pro Silva knows the forest’s worth,
Beyond mere timber, far more than earth.
It nurtures our souls, cleanses our minds,
A sanctuary of solace, where solace finds.

And so, let Pro Silva’s gentle creed abide,
With reverence and respect, let us confide,
In the wisdom of the forest, ancient and grand,
For Pro Silva, a guardian, forever hand in hand.

A response to the Pro Silva Annual General Meeting 2023,
hosted by Pro Silva Ireland,
14-16 June 2023, County Wicklow, Ireland.
Edward Wilson/ChatGPT | 17 June 2023 | © 2023 Edward Wilson


Further information

  • Pro Silva – Integrated forest management for resilience and sustainability across 25 countrieshttps://www.prosilva.org

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