Forestry Journals and Publications

Maturing fir cones. Photo: E. R. Wilson

Maturing fir cones. Photo: E. R. Wilson.

Scientific and Professional Journals in Forestry and Forest Conservation

The list below contains links to a selection of important forestry journals and publications.

A more complete list of journals can be found on the following article – List of Forestry Journals (Wikipedia)

Information about journal rankings can be found here – SCImago Journal Rank (Forestry)

Forest Management and Science

Forest Science (open access)

Environmental Science and Conservation

  • Ambio – A Journal of the Human Environment – The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (Springer Journal)
  • Environment 360 – Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  • Conservation – Magazine from University of Washington

Technical and Professional Publications

Search Engines and Databases for Forestry

Forest Science Database (CABI) 


UK Forest Research Publications

FR Publications

Forest Research (UK) Publications

Treesearch – US Forest Service Publication Search and Archive


Treesearch – US Forest Service Publications Archive


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