Forest Reports

This series of Forest Reports from Silviculture Research International has the primary objective of describing woodlands actively managed under a range of silvicultural systems. The reports are based on field notes taken during woodland visits, and demonstrate links between silvicultural science and practice. They aim to disseminate practical information and personal experiences that are not always conveyed elsewhere in technical or scientific publications. In most cases, the Forest Reports articulate the concept of adaptive forest management, where the interventions are planned and designed taking into account past management, current forest conditions, and the desired future forest structure.

FR01 | Continuous Cover Forestry in Central Jutland, Denmark

FR02 | Continuous Cover Forestry at Kyloe Wood, Northumberland, UK

FR03 | This report is due to be published in February 2024


  • Images – use of images for educational purposes is welcome. A note on appropriate permissions and credits is provided with each report. High-resolution copies of images are available on request.
  • Suggested citations – bibliographic details are located at the conclusion of each Forest Report.
  • Further information – this is an evolving series. Requests for further information about Forest Reports can be made through the Silviculture Research International contact page here.