About Silviculture Research International

Craigvinean Forest, Scotland. Photo: E. R. Wilson 2014.

Craigvinean Forest, Scotland.

Silviculture Research International is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of sustainable forestry and forest conservation, especially in northern forests.

Founded by Ted Wilson in 1997, in Toronto, Canada, Silviculture Research International has stayed true to its original ethos that “our laboratory is the forest”. It is a science-led initiative, and remains committed to sustaining, enhancing and conserving forests and woodland resources. The goal is to learn from nature, and advocate silvicultural systems and practices that are in harmony and as close to nature as possible. 

Continuous Cover Forestry, Cumbria. Photo: Edward Wilson/Silviculture Research International

Continuous Cover Forestry, Cumbria.

Silviculture Research International believes in the social and cultural importance of woodlands, and works to promote sustainable systems of governance and engagement across the community. Without involving people, it is not possible to protect many of our most fragile and important forested ecosystems. In return, it is important to understand the role that forests play in our own health and well-being.

Silviculture Research International offers progressive, multi-disciplinary solutions in basic and applied forest sciences, in evidence-based practice, and in learning and teaching. Contribution to forest policy consultations and reviews is also a significant area of activity.

Silviculture Research International has the competencies and resources to undertake a wide range of projects, in-house, but also works closely in partnership with other individuals and organisations. 

For further information or discussion about specific projects please make contact.

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