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Inspiring advances in the science and practice of sustainable forestry

Now in our 21st year, Silviculture Research International is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of silviculture, especially its application to sustainable management and conservation in northern forest regions. Please follow the links for further information:

  • Practice – about the practice and contact details – link here
  • Project – archive of projects, articles, presentations and conference posters – link here
  • Resources – links to forestry and forest conservation information – link here

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Silviculture Research International is currently delivering projects in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the European Union and Canada


Silviculture Research International News:

  • Latest Publication Wilson, E. R., I. Short, Á. Ní Dhubháin and P. Purser. 2018. Continuous cover forestry: the rise of transformational silvicultureForestry Journal 288 (August 2018): 38-40
  • Research Update – Research meeting and study visit, Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Obernai, Alsace, France, 11-16 September 2018.
  • Upcoming Presentation  Wilson, E. R., I. Short, Á. Ní Dhubháin and P. Purser. 2018. ​Which tree to cut, which tree to leave? A qualitative analysis of foresters’ decision-making processes in continuous cover forests. Qualitative Research Group Seminar, Teagasc, Ashtown Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland. 20 September 2018. 
  • Short Course Tree Marker Training – Level 1 (Initiating Transformation to CCF), Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, 25-26 September 2018. 

Forestry Research and Conservation News: 

SRI Pinewoods Scotland 2014

Pinewood silviculture, Scotland. Photo: E. R. Wilson 2014.


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