Redwoods at Alice Holt Forest. Photo: E.R. Wilson 2015.

Redwoods at Alice Holt Forest. Photo: E.R. Wilson 2015.

Welcome to Silviculture Research International

“Our Laboratory is the Forest!”

This is the personal website of Edward (Ted) Wilson, silviculturist. On this site you will find information about my work – current/recent projects, publications and events. You will also find links to a wide range of forestry and forest conservation organisations, including centres of forestry education and research.

  • Projectsprojects related to silviculture, sustainable forest management and forest conservation. Further information is available on the Project Page.
  • Publications – published papers, technical reports and articles. Further information can be found on our Publications Page.
  • Events – Events for professional audiences and community groups. Further informations can be found on our Events Page.
SRI Pinewoods Scotland 2014

Pinewood silviculture, Boat of Garten, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Photo: E. R. Wilson 2014.

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