Ardennes Region, Belgium


Images from a field trip to see closer-to-nature forest management in the Ardennes Region, Belgium

Site visit: 20 January 2020

The images here are from a Continuous Cover Forestry Workshop organised by Forêt.Nature, at Marche-en-Famenne, Ardennes, Belgium. The Ardennes is a rural area mostly in eastern Belgium, but also in northern France. It is characterised by rolling hills and forests. There are extensive areas of well-managed woodland, much of it being transformed to an irregular structure, using CCF principles. A feature of many planted woodlands is that large blocks tend to have one dominant species (for example, Norway spruce) “punctuated” with small areas of other species, such as larch, oak and western hemlock. Originally these small areas were designed to provide cover for game and wildlife. Now they provide an important seed source that facilitates the transformation of stands to both multi-species and irregular-structure forests. The pictures here demonstrate some of the forestry practices and condition of several stands currently being transformed, with much evidence of natural regeneration. Photos: Digital, Nikon D3100.

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