Trossachs in Autumn.
A view from the treetops: The Trossachs in Autumn.

The word wipfel is the German term for a tree-top. From the top of a tree we get a unique, often exhilirating, view of the forest below and the world around. This web page includes writings, photo galleries and other media that provide a broader perspective, not necessarily dedicated to silviculture.

Wipfel 01 | Essay

A view from the treetops.
By Edward Wilson.
A new perspective in the Black Forest.

Wipfel 02| Photo-essay

Covered bridges on Route 910.

Wipfel 03 | Photo-essay

Koningin Elisabethzaal in Antwerp.

Wipfel 04 | Photo-essay

Ah, Vienna (Wien)!

Wipfel 07 | Article

Dublin Mountains Makeover.
By Edward Wilson
[external link – RTÉ]

Wipfel 08 | Photo-essay

Recycling in the Forest of Kocanda.

‘I am not an advocate for blanket revisionism, but this is one case where reassigning the Ukrainian name would be accurate and appropriate.’ Photograph: World History Archive/Alamy
Wipfel 09 | Letter to the Editor

Rebranding Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No 2.
By Edward Wilson
[extrnal link – The Guardian]

Wipfel 10 | Poem

Ode to Pro Silva.
By Edward Wilson.
A response to the Pro Silva AGM 2023, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Wipfel 11 | Photo-essay

Ash Dieback in Wexford.
By Edward Wilson.
Roadside scenes in late summer. County Wexford, Ireland.

Wipfel 12 | Photo-essay

Toronto: On Fire by Design.
By Edward Wilson.
Following the 17th annual prescribed burn in High Park, Toronto.

Additional image galleries are available in the Northern Forest section.