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Inspiring Advances in the Science and Practice of Forestry

Established in 1997, Silviculture Research International is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of silviculture, especially its application to the management and conservation in temperate and boreal forests. Silviculture Research International is recognised as a leading provider of applied research, technical development and training in silviculture. A key area of specialism is continuous cover forestry (CCF).  

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Silviculture Research International is working in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Canada

In the Forest

Delivering the first Continuous Cover Forestry Workshop hosted by Cumbria Woodlands | 23 April 2024 | Coombs Wood, Cumbria | Credit: © 2024 Lochlan Dulson. Cumbria Woodlands report here.
UCD Forestry Study Tour to Northern England and Southern Scotland | 8-12 April 2024 | Visiting a harvesting site at Kielder Forest | Credit: © 2024 E. R. Wilson
Continuous cover forestry in Jutland, Denmark | 12-15 October 2023 | Credit: © 2023 E. R. Wilson. Forest report here.
Kyloe Forest, Northumberland, England | September 2022 | Credit: © 2022 E. R. Wilson. Forest report here.

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  • “Creating Canopies” – AAB conference on woodland creation and urban tree establishment, University of Nottingham, 27-28 November 2023. More information here.
  • “Scottish Forestry Trust 40th Anniversary Celebration”, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 29 November 2023. More information here.
  • “Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change and Forest Resilience” – Continuous Cover Forestry Lecture and Field Workshop, National School of Forestry, University of Cumbria, 30 November 2023 and 7 December 2023. More information here.

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