International Lecture Series 2019

River Derwent, Borrowdale, Cumbria.

River Derwent, Borrowdale, Cumbria.


International Lecture Series in Forest Conservation (2019)

Forest Conservation from Science to Practice: Experiences from Ireland and the United Kingdom

15-21 October 2019

SummaryForest Conservation in Practice 2019

The International Lecture Series in Forest Conservation 2019 is organised on the theme “Forest Conservation from Science to Practice”. Three lectures will be presented at the Faculty of Forestry and the Daniels School, University of Toronto, Canada. The lectures highlight the application of forestry and conservation sciences to the sustainable management of forests and landscapes, focusing on Ireland and the United Kingdom. A range of techniques and approaches are demonstrated through case studies, embracing the tree, stand, forest and landscape scales. The lectures address some of the critical priorities for forestry and forest conservation at the present time. 

The lectures will be presented by Edward Wilson

LECTURE 1 | Continuous Cover Forestry in Ireland and the UK | 15 October 2019

SUMMARY: This lecture will outline current developments in silviculture with the widespread adoption of Continuous Cover Forestry as an approach to enhance the resilience and sustainability of forest resources. The lecture will provide an overview of the broad concept of managing irregular structure stands, and present case studies of developments in forestry practice. 

LECTURE 2 | Ancient and Veteran Trees: critical ecological and cultural assets in urban and rural landscapes | 16 October 2019

SUMMARY: This lecture looks in detail at the importance of individual trees in the urban and rural landscape of Ireland and Britain. Chance and history has bequeathed us with a remarkable assemblage of ancient and veteran trees, which are often as important to communities as historic buildings and other man-made features. Management and conservation of these trees is a constant challenge, but it is widely recognised their importance goes beyond their ecological role. They are also important for the well-being and individuals and communities. 

LECTURE 3 | Forests, Water and Flooding | 21 October 2019

SUMMARY: Britain and Ireland both experience significant amounts of heavy rain. Flooding is one of the most important environmental impacts on communities, due to the high population of people and communities within floodplains and riparian zones. It is widely recognised that trees and woodland play an important role in Natural Flood Management (NFM), which is one important strategy along with engineered solutions to tackle the significant threat to people and property posed by floods. With an increase in storm events expected in response to global climate change, it is imperative that forest conservation practices are adopted and extended to address this significant environmental impact. 

Full details of each lecture will be published shortly. 

Full list of Technical and Scientific Presentations here.
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