Tree Marker Training Course. Photo credit: Pro Silva Ireland 2019

Silviculture Research International has a distinguished track record in delivering award-winning and inspirational courses in tree biology, silviculture and sustainable forest management. 

We are currently focusing on the development and delivery of a series of short courses and knowledge sharing events in Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF). Our target audience includes forestry professionals, woodland owners, university and college students, and community groups. This work builds on our established programme of talks and courses for a diverse range of organisations. 

Course 01 | Tree Marker Training 
Early-stage transformation of Sitka spruce stands to Continuous Cover Forestry  (Level 1)

PSI CCF Course 2 March 2019
Tree marker training 2019. Photo: B. Browne.

Following a successful pilot in September 2018, we are now delivering a 2-day Tree Marker Training course. From 2019, we are working in close collaboration with Pro Silva Ireland to deliver this course for foresters, woodland owners and forestry students in Ireland. This course focuses on early-stage transformation of conifer plantations to continuous cover forestry. It is designed to provide an introduction to the theory of CCF and the practical steps involved in starting the transformation of a planted stand.  

The Tree Marker Traning course comprises two indoor sessions and two outdoor sessions. The forest has a specially-prepared training plot where all the trees are numbered and assessed in terms of a range of qualitative and quantitative attributes. This forms the basis of hands-on training exercises designed to enhance skills in the development and implementation of tree marking prescriptions. Four training exercises are included in the practical sessions, allowing participants to compare three approaches: low, crown and graduated density thinning. Individual feedback is provided from each exercise.  

Tree Marker Training (Course 01) serves as a foundation for tree marking and stand transformation. In collaboration with colleagues in the CCF community, we are also developing more advanced courses focused on mixed-species stands, habitat/conservation management and later-stage transformations. The aim is to provide a progression route for those interested in extending their skills in the silviculture of CCF. 

Dates and locations for the Tree Marker Training courses that have been delivered are as follows:

  • Course 01-01 – Ystwyth Forest | September 2018 | Completed (with Natural Resources Wales)
  • Course 01-02 – Ystwyth Forest | November 2018 | Completed (with Natural Resources Wales)
  • Course 01-03 – Kilteel Forest | 20-21 March 2019 | Completed (with Pro Silva Ireland)
  • Course 01-04 – Kilteel Forest | 27-28 March 2019 | Completed (with Pro Silva Ireland)
  • Course 01-05 – Kilteel Forest | 4-5 July 2019 | Completed (with Pro Silva Ireland/Teagasc Forestry)
  • Course 01-06 – Kilteel Forest | 4-5 September 2019 | Completed (with Pro Silva Ireland)
  • Course 01-07 – Kilteel Forest | 11-12 September 2019 | Completed (with Pro Silva Ireland)
  • Course 01-08 – Kilteel Forest | 16-17 September 2020 | Completed (with Pro Silva Ireland)

There are currently no plans for courses before summer 2021. Information will be posted here when available.

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