Past Forestry Events


Loch Vaa, Strathspey, Highlands, Scotland. Photo: E. R. Wilson 2013.

This page contains a listing of past events in the forestry sector. The focus is on forestry events in Ireland and the United Kingdom, but also listed are a selection of events taking place in Europe and elsewhere. Please note that some of the links may no longer work. You will find the current and future forestry events listed here.  

2017 Events

  • UKflag 13-30 Nov. UKFS Principles – Plans into Practice Workshops. ICF and FC England are offering this one-day workshop at various venues in mid to late November. Details here
  • UKflag 24 or 25 Nov. Realising the value of broadleaf woodland workshop. Forestry Commission and Small Woods workshop. Ironbridge. Contact or call 01952 432769.
  • UKflag 25 Nov – 03 Dec. National Tree WeekDetails here
  • UKflag 29 Nov. Towards a Common Countryside Policy: a national conference organised by Confor. Westminster, London. Details here
  • UKflag 30 Nov. RICS Rural Conference, Preston. RFS members can attend at the RICS member rate. Quote voucher code VHR0000663 when booking. Details here.
  • UKflag 30 Nov. Deer Awareness Day. Bury St Edmunds. The Deer Initiative
  • UKflag 05 Dec. RICS Rural Conference Wales. Llandrinod Wells. Details here


Links to the events pages for the main forestry organisations in Ireland:


Links to the events pages for the main forestry organisations in the UK:

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