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DSC_0479 dodd

Dodd Wood, Cumbria, England. Photo: E. R. Wilson 2012.

A round-up of recent News and Issues related to Forests and Forestry.

Archive of News Reports

Cumbrian Floods Partnership Announced

03 January 2016. The UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has announced the creation of the Cumbrian Floods Partnership to draw up a Cumbria Action Plan by mid-2016. The action plan is being drawn up in response to the unprecedented flood events in December 2015, where many thousands of homes and properties were damaged by severe weather. Many commentators have noted that there is an important role for forestry, with woodland cover being recognised as one important measure that can help to reduce the rate of rainfall run-off into water courses. Further details can be found here and here.

New EU Forest Strategy Announced

28 April 2015. Brussels, Belgium. The new EU forest strategy must focus on managing forests sustainably, promoting efficient use of the raw materials that they produce, and boosting the competitiveness of forest-related industry so as to create jobs, says a non-legislative resolution voted by Parliament on Tuesday.

Link: New EU forest strategy: better management can boost rural jobs
Response 1 (FERN): Link here
Response 2 (CEPF): Link here

New Countryside Stewardship Scheme Announced

17 February 2015. The Forestry Commission is now open for applications for Woodland Capital Grants 2015 (previously referred to as the preliminary woodland grant offer) to plant and manage new woodlands in England as part of the Government’s new £900m Countryside Stewardship scheme. More details here and download news release here.

Oak Forest Discovered off the Norfolk Coast

26 January 2015. Nature experts have discovered a remarkable submerged forest thousands of years old under the sea close to the Norfolk coast. The trees were part of an area known as ‘Doggerland’ which formed part of a much bigger area before it was flooded by the North Sea. More details, link here.

New Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committees (FWAC) begin business

1 December 2013. With a refreshed remit and to better reflect their role, from 1 December 2013 Forestry Commission England’s Regional Advisory Committees changed their name to Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committees (FWACs). They will form a powerful partnership with Forestry Commission local teams and also help to create a new urban forestry network. More details, link here.

Urgent incentives needed for forests in Scotland

2 October 2013. An article by Andrew Cameron (University of Aberdeen) in The Scotsman on woodland establishment and expansion in Scotland. Link here.

Digital edition of the European Forest Institute magazine, EFI News, is launched

15 September 2013. The latest edition of EFI News is available to view, here.

New ash dieback disease (Chalara fraxinea) website launched

17 February 2013. The UK Plant Science Federation (UKPSF) has recently launched a new Tree Health website in response to the outbreak of Ash Dieback Disease (Chalara fraxinea) in the UK. Link to Ash Dieback Website.

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