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Edward Wilson, Silviculturist. Photo: Jon Walton 2014

Edward (Ted) Wilson is a Scots-Canadian silviculturist with a passion for the sustainable management and conservation of forest resources. He holds appointments with the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, Canada and Scottish School of Forestry, University of the Highlands and Islands, Inverness, Scotland. Ted completed his academic training at the University of New Brunswick, Canada and the University of Sheffield, England. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology in 2016.

Ted is an active public policy adviser, researcher and educator specialising in forestry and forest conservation of temperate and boreal forests. He has worked in the UK and Canada throughout his career, and held positions with the Canadian Forest Service, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests, and UK Forestry Commission. In 2012 he was Visiting Scholar at the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick, Canada.

Ted’s primary research interests are tree seedling biology, woodland establishment and continuous cover forestry (CCF). Recent projects have included seedling quality enhancement, species diversification to promote the ecological resilience of woodlands, and the transformation of even-aged plantations to irregular structure forests. In addition, he undertakes research on professional forestry education and the benefits of woodland for public health.    

More widely, Ted has worked with several organisations to develop training courses, workshops and lectures on forestry and conservation topics aimed at diverse, non-professional audiences. He is curator of the Nature of Cumbria Project, a popular series of public events on natural history held at venues throughout Cumbria.

Ted is frequently called on as a keynote and invited speaker at conferences and workshops. In 2016, he delivered lectures and presentations in Canada, Ireland, Germany and the UK, including a Global Change Lecture at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2017-18, Ted will give lectures at universities in Toronto, Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada) and Eberswalde (Berlin), in addition to invited presentations at conferences in London, Grassington and Keswick. A highlight in 2017 is a paper at the 51st Arboricultural Association National Amenity Conference 2017, the 1st International Conference on Arboricultural Biosecurity, at the University of Exeter, England.

Awards and Recognition

  • Gold Medal, Canadian Institute of Forestry
  • James Prize, Royal Forestry Society
  • Teaching Innovation Award (x2), University of Central Lancashire

Editorial Boards

  • Arboricultural Journal: International Journal of Urban Forestry, journal of the Arboricultural Association link
  • Forestry Chronicle, journal of the Canadian Institute of Forestry link

Leadership and Influence (selection of recent/current roles)

  • Member, Forestry Skills Forum, England and Wales
  • Member, National Forestry Forum, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)
  • Member, Working Group on Forests and Natura 2000, European Commission
  • Member, Forestry and Woodland Advisory Committee (North West England), Forestry Commission
  • Member, Conservation Advisory Group, Woodland Trust
  • Judge, Tree of the Year Award (England), Woodland Trust
  • Judge, Education and Learning Award, Excellence in Forestry Awards, Royal Forestry Society
  • Scientific Advisor, Irregular Silviculture Network (ISN)
  • Governor, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Further Information

  • Publications and reports here.
  • Talks and presentations here.
  • Contact information here.

Download: My Cumbria (profile article in Cumbria Life Magazine, June 2014)


Ted Wilson at Wythop Forest, Cumbria, England. Photo: Jon Walton.

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